The Search in the Woods: Part Two

when the trees burn
the flames cast no light
towards my direction;
the shadows belong
to something darker
darker than the heat
I run from dark enough
to swallow


Vomit Poetry Challenge [Day 4]: somewhere over the rainbow

30-Day Vomit Poetry Challenge: Day 4. No stops, no deletes, no edits–just write and keep writing. Publish as it is.

somewhere over the rainbow
there is another rainbow,
perfectly arched and iridescently coloured
like a rainbow should
and here I stand, perceiving it
down to the very pixel
the ever-changing light
the misty freshness after the rain
and I realize that there are only rainbows
there have always been rainbows
not somewhere far, somewhere over
they are right here, in my heart

The Universe Speaks

At last, the Universe speaks to me;
I question, as it speaks true, as it speaks through,
the metaphors congregate in a golden spiral;
my spirit expands and folds, expands and folds,
caught in this eternal cosmic heartbeat;
this language has no grammar, no punctuation,
yet I understand every single word:
they merge as they emerge,
becoming one with my existence,
my self exalted in spiritual alchemy:
slowly, I breathe–
slowly, I am one with the Universe

The Promise of Act Two

The tree now stands, supported
by rocks and pillars of wood;
did the adventure and I fail
to intersect; had I so nonchalantly
rejected destiny’s calling?–was it
a test, a tentative trial to sift through
the uncaring passerby’s, to locate
its hero? Was there an explosion
of smoke, a ringing of the ears,
a promise of three magical boons?

Was someone’s life changed forever
when it could have been me?

I lower my head, switch songs
on my iPod, and walk past–

It’s just a tree.

Isn’t it?