words are feeble

words are feeble
they stumble and collapse
there seems no end to this
litany, no end to these
ink-stained tears that
eat into flesh
hollow out bones

and words are feeble
to contain hearts
rupturing with a thunderous
crack, each pulse a bolt
of lightning, splitting
the sky into two

and words
are feeble
to stop the bleeding eyes
everywhere, everywhere
there are bleeding eyes
failed by these feeble words
these words that are feeble


One comment

  1. WinDreamer · February 21, 2017


    A throat cut from someone else not even around
    Held in place from millions of feet holding you down
    Hands locked and tethered immediately on the ground
    The deafening noise of laughter offered from the proud
    Lashes fashioned after the order of no end, no count
    Graduated tortured soul, ongoing wounds the cap and gown
    Weak, wary, and tired, but chaos keeps rising around
    Forgotten tears dismissed with more violent actions roused
    A burning house, a found reason to leave alone, in peace
    Stopped from leaping, simply stepped into a fall too steep
    The worst of masses collapsed into a heart broken, released
    Hopes failed exposed without whispered feedback, discreet
    Cleared forests show the efforts in turning over new leaves
    Charcoaled remains as who remains accepting the reach
    In a world of healthy, the only one known as diseased
    Less than zero numbering those gifting a shred of relief


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