I have no patience

sorry for not wanting to wait
for a well-considered social conclusion
I no longer have the strength
to expend, nor the heart to
wrap compassion around you
like a soft warm blanket
because what always happens
is that you brush my hands off
of the soulful wool I have woven
and you leave me standing
on a street full of people who
do not lift their eyes as they
pass each other by and
you leave me standing there
as uncontrollable shivers travel
down my spine, shriveling me
until the cold air singes my smile
that is now lifelessly frozen



  1. windreamer · December 7, 2016

    Vocal Draw

    She cruised me around with open stories about days of being her
    More cruises and stories got around to nights of feeling hurt
    Meanings learned of what got her to act in some ways, no thought
    Torture imposed selflessly inward with those trying to get close got
    Turn around tracks everywhere as cold walks can’t see preserved embers
    Glad and confused as lost loves gone find another and return better
    Some of us see her never stray from the moment she finds that one
    Training grounds for the one that matters, the longest and last run
    Who stands up when asked who will stay when no one else is there
    Her story claims tears and smiles, showing how every wish cares
    A fixed stare into the time not here, yet felt as close as now
    Songs of theirs heard in skies, waters, flames, and ground
    A counterbalance sound as quiet as the noise it cuts through
    Entire discouragements abandoned as her love remains unmoved
    Repaired trust viewed in vast landscapes of breathtaking hope
    She sings to an open door and more waiting in that patient home


  2. Words from a little person · November 29, 2016

    great poem

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