words spoken through
rows of serrated teeth:
if the threat of a lethal
bite will not stop you
then you must be a
tasteless dark without
a proper heart; in fact,
now that I am straining
my ears, opening myself
up to airy sounds traveling
through waves of the ocean
I am certain that I hear nothing-
nothing? oh, perhaps,
you aren’t even there and
after all these years, you,
you have been a ghost
after all


I have no patience

sorry for not wanting to wait
for a well-considered social conclusion
I no longer have the strength
to expend, nor the heart to
wrap compassion around you
like a soft warm blanket
because what always happens
is that you brush my hands off
of the soulful wool I have woven
and you leave me standing
on a street full of people who
do not lift their eyes as they
pass each other by and
you leave me standing there
as uncontrollable shivers travel
down my spine, shriveling me
until the cold air singes my smile
that is now lifelessly frozen


there are trickles of blood
where dreams are skinned
like vampires they hold
no reflection in the mirror
they come and go as they please
and they hurt you because you let them

do you think
it’s really worth it
to be who you are?

you stand, calmly

you stand, calmly
accosted, your long
obsidian hair concealing
that insidious twitch
of your mouth, which
could be anger, or amusement,
or both; either way,
you hoodwink yourself
out of this reality, and
I, deprived of meaning,
stand disjointed, motionless
and asunder