Catching the future by the teeth

desires unfold like
a kaleidoscope without patterns
colours and shapes argue
against a white backdrop
an eerie light settles like
dust in a house unentered

it is a fool’s errand
to bite off a piece of tomorrow
the irregularly shaped orb sits
like sandpaper in my throat;
any second now–
dreams might shatter
and stars might fall

–find me.
Find me, find me.
unearth me like treasure.
see me again and again
with wonder in your eyes–

With wonder in your eyes.


Ready…and throw

in my hand, a tiny future
sparkling and cackling 
like nothing I’ve ever seen

Obligatory New Year Poem

 Happy New Year, everybody!

This year, I vow to miscount every second,
every minute, every hour, every day,
until time matters no longer,
until happiness is all I measure

This year, I vow to love fiercer and deeper,
every minute, every hour, every day,
until every moment is a moment of realness
until every action stands for itself

This year, I subject myself to rejuvenation,
every minute, every hour, every day,
until each breath makes and wakes me anew
until each heartbeat only beats true

This year, I vow to dream by living,
every minute, every hour, every day,
until past and future are nowhere to be found
until words of regret no longer abound.

what your heart says


I was asked to listen to
what my heart says, but
I didn’t know which heart
I was supposed to listen to.
so I unzipped my chest
and exposed the fleshy stuffs,
some made of daydreams and
some made of realistic absolutions
and I let the world choose as it pleased.


My heart holds an intractable

enigma; it sustains me like

oxygen, and its futures, already

written, proliferate inside of me:

strands of genetic codes, what I

already have, what I already know,

an impression branded upon

the feverish mind. It unpeels itself

from a shining cocoon, secrets

whispered to me like warm

breaths across my cheek. It

reminds me to look within, into the

pool of answers that are waiting

to be claimed. It reminds me

of my highest right, what I’m

really here for. Here it

lies naked before me, unashamed, and

welcomes me to tread on its soultracks

laid down like destinies. Yes,

this is the way. There is no other way.

Why am I lost, when all I need

to do is

keep listening

you have all you need to know

and all you need to do





Lost again

Seized and terrorized by doubt again,

I bend down and hide in my stream

of consciousness, holding my thoughts

close to my chest, hugging them like a pillow,

seeking comfort from the unexpected

labyrinth of life where

I tread and drag my chained legs in

dread, trying to figure out what on Earth

I should do

with the multiple realities unfolding

before me, growing larger, becoming

a full-fledged organism, its membranes

writhing into demoniacal existence and I


to satisfy it with my

dwindling self-worth

and I



once more

by the choices I have to make

and I waver

in the face of

my uncertain future,

staring down at me like

God’s wrath

and so with no immediate solution I

resolve to this

poetic rant, an emergency exit

for my lost soul and a temporary


to life’s indecisions.


Beyond the realms of contemplation

My future is conceptualized, dignified and

Waiting to be realized

My toes curl in a cold pool of whispering mud

Whispering about the songs I have lost

To foolishness

To a girl’s rigid intentions and her perfectly balanced world


The infinite sighs that contained odd tales were interwoven

Within the chemical bonds of oxygen

A profane circulation of heart-ache that

Became the air which I breathed


Those moments in time when I


On butterfly wings and fate’s convection

I tried hard to defy by

Naming Princes and Knights

Ghosts with paper crowns and armours made of glass

They faded like gossamer in the morning wind

Soon to be replaced by more



And when…at last,

The rotten skin of my past peels off

With a strange sort of relief

A crystal magnanimity

I feel someone burst


From a monster’s shell

Someone soft, and tender

A humble little thing

That prays for wisdom;

A star’s child, fathered by Reason,

Mothered by Dreams and

Visions of Beauty.


By Kim T.