instructions for finding your soul mate

fill yourself up to the brim:
only share drink with
one that savours the richness
of your taste, swimming in
your colours and wanting more–
offering a cup of their own soul
in return



  1. WinDreamer · July 26

    Losing Balance

    How should I grieve over the emptiness of this lie of a life I lead
    Her voice beckoning joy ahead exceeds struggles accepting relief
    Surely one of the keepers if not thee overachiever by all rights
    A hand offered to keep up in leaps and bounds, to match stride for stride
    Emanating piercing light to fight off recurring thoughts defined in weight
    Shifting sounds from glorious cheers of my loneliness encased in pain
    Energized and prized to find myself aided and talked up off the floor
    Reintroducing something to aim for and rewards this walk towards more
    Encouraging my own accord to see her examples of entirely, meaningful and free
    Come to terms in the best reasons to weep happily in overwhelming defeat
    Skies unearthed in streaks of color dancing to the tempo of her smile
    A broken, well meaning heart and an overbearing mind preciously reconciled
    The openness stretching out miles into areas covering dreams and hope
    A meaningful displayed with ease that I keep every memory shared close
    That hold unknown posed as a gift that I can grip and mean to not let go
    Those mirages shown are wiped clear with the reality of how to get home
    An honesty of how I met no one the likes of her before or since keeps me intrigued
    Compelling eyes revealing more than I ever could in the ability to shift scenes
    Everything this means is what I need, and how to say it doesn’t do justice
    To go about it means more now, than when it seemed forever hushed once


  2. WinDreamer · July 11, 2017


    Drained of self assurance, or claim to differences made
    Expectedly covering back pay on debts with more range than change
    A tragedy played out in front of everyone, especially me
    Perfect company not there to comfort tears imprinted not to cease
    Meets and greets thieved before sincerity could be laughed off
    Blood, sweat, and tears exposed as ruins I heartily stand on
    A phantom in the flesh unworthy of acknowledging being here
    This blurry, unfocused existence dismissed as anything unclear
    Forever fears soothed into forgotten hope crudely touched once more
    An ease virused throughout everywhere fiercely tensed and forced
    Foreign course placed where an empty labyrinth held sway
    Perpetual darkness corralled into what seems like day
    Her, unfazed by me rethinking the many things I do not know
    Inspiring heights and depths beyond closed borders to grow
    Showing so much with so little, and also saying the same
    Gifting more than I deserve, careful and caring interlaced
    Not feigned or maimed, just plain ole generous and true
    The not going anywhere with more than.enough strength to groom
    Far removed from myself and all the better for it
    Remembering much aside from gathering comfortable torment


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