Ready…and throw

in my hand, a tiny future
sparkling and cackling 
like nothing I’ve ever seen


The Seventeenth Sunset

those days, I wore my heart on my sleeve 
each day with you was like an eternal summer 
I counted each and every sunset 
each and every single swirl 
from the spectrum of gold 
and as I held my breath– 
the rays of the sun dancing upon your eyelids, 
so bright it almost looked like a tear– 
I fell deeper 
and deeper in love with light 
with the light that is you


Piano chords hung from

philosopher’s clouds, high

above ground. Pendulous,

searching , breathless and waiting

for the right psionic connection,

the momentous spark, the proper

amount of obstinacy, slender

fingers of exact, wanted length,

and bone marrows made of

pure musicality. Once

they had chosen their target after

thorough deliberation they

would free


upon their mutual consensus

like shooting stars, descend and


onto the artist’s heart-field with

meticulous precision, followed by

explosions of

spilled light, coming alive,

immediate immortalizations

of fast drumming keys and everlasting

crescendos, sacrosanct melodies

stretching skyward into the depth

of the universe, interwoven, seamless,

worlds united, overlapped, becoming




City of Lost Angels

 They perch on the malleable architecture

of abducted dreams, agreeably dying, as

their faded wings tremoured against

colossal winds and unconquerable odds.

In great trepidation, they watch the phantoms of

intractable yesterdays populate

the world of what-might-have-been’s and

weep incessantly for their deliberate silence

that has now grown deeper, deep enough

to castigate their tarnished souls with

an inexplicable dark magic, but not yet

deep enough to wake them from their

own personal nightmares. They fear

to realize what they have come to realize,

and they shall never admit that fear.

They have forgotten how to choose

for themselves in their violent attempts to

choose for others. They have unlearned

their abilities to look for answers within.

Over the inane centuries of

misplaced passions and self-generated

righteousness—all properly

cleansed, modified and justified—the

Lost Angels know not who they are,

who they had once been, or who they

will become, for the Lost Angles know

just one thing and one thing only

and that is what they think they want.




Darkness spilled in from the windows of our houses

Our dreams became the splinters in our mind

And every time we tried to wash the blood off our hands

We scraped off skins, muscles and cells

But we were rotten to the bones

Endless darkness, down down down to our very core

There it was, the curse of the devil gnawing at the our heart

Our ability to love



We offered forgiveness to those who offered something in return

We performed charities only we had something to gain

We loved only when we were loved more

And we cried and complained when we weren’t love enough



We had overcome that darkness

We had thoroughly absorbed it and made it our own

Darkness had become us as we lived in light.


Eventually, we are light.


(Sorry guys…I tried my best…but my music player won’t go into silent mode *sob* so just click that little pause button on the ipod!! <3)

(And yep, I composed the piano part, too :D)

I tried to hold your hand last night

There was this strange light by your side

You told me not to cry

But it was useless my tears hadn’t been kind


And then there was wind

And then there was fire

And then sun sets in your eyes


I tried to hold on tight last night

There was this strange light by your side

You told me it’s okay it’s alright

But it wasn’t alright

How could I let you let by?


And then there was wind

And then there was fire

And then the sun sets in your eyes


Don’t go yet

I’m not finished with you

Don’t go just yet

It’s not the time to

Don’t go yet because I–

Because I–



I tried to hold your hand last night

There was this strange light by your side

You told me not to cry

You told me not to cry