instructions for finding your soul mate

fill yourself up to the brim:
only share drink with
one that savours the richness
of your taste, swimming in
your colours and wanting more–
offering a cup of their own soul
in return


when people don’t get your joke

unable to find the folds of your smile,
the punchline slowly backed
away from the thin straight line
of your neutral lips-disheartened,
it sullenly retreated, shivering from
its failure of becoming born
retreating into a shell of awkward silence
sucking its thumb as it sulked

I lost a poem

I lost a poem
on my way home
from work; I
lost it at the second
intersection, when the light
turned green, as the
shifty words folded
collapsed upon themselves
and quietly,
from my consciousness,
took their leave

a fable: a knight (who isn’t a knight)

once, he fought against those fingers
slender, insect-like; more strength
in those misleading knuckles
than they appeared

it had been too late
when he felt the murderous
threads, cold legs of obsidian
closing about his neck;
there concluded his knighthood
for a knight was no longer a knight
the moment his princess was

alone and asleep, caught
in the web of lies
waiting for dawn
waiting for the first
glimpse of light

and though he knew
for the sheer love he had for her
he would die and return again
the hurt he felt each time
-thorned promises of
chivalry denied-
still made his tearless
body contort
and bend

but this
this he defied
defied for the promise of her
embrace, the thunderous
heartbeat that was music
to his ears

and this
this pain he defied
with sheer strength of soul
for the awakening of his
much beloved, who
stared him in the face
with eight of her eyes

I say hello to 2017

I say to hello to 2017
as 2016 gently passes me by
it really doesn’t feel like 12 months
but having bumped shoulders with
the weeks that collected themselves
that stood behind me
blowing soft kisses of goodbyes
I suppose it has to be true

so here’s to another glorious
glorious year

this time, I will live harder
love harder than ever before