pixels cascade down

pixels cascade down
my hair, like a unicorn
stampede, magical duststorms
colouring my life


The Promise of Act Two

The tree now stands, supported
by rocks and pillars of wood;
did the adventure and I fail
to intersect; had I so nonchalantly
rejected destiny’s calling?–was it
a test, a tentative trial to sift through
the uncaring passerby’s, to locate
its hero? Was there an explosion
of smoke, a ringing of the ears,
a promise of three magical boons?

Was someone’s life changed forever
when it could have been me?

I lower my head, switch songs
on my iPod, and walk past–

It’s just a tree.

Isn’t it?


The Magician

he smiles
pulls truth out of a hat by its ears,
lies flutter into space–
white doves that will never return;
reality hides and presents itself
in secrets and shadow
like a magician
and his sleeves

mushroom picking

brush away the resting faerie
on the bright red cap, watch as
its wings gently flutter
and glisten like stars–watch,
as the creatures of magic dart
across the mossy rug,
unsettling the forest dew


1. Of levitation

Floating trousers, dangling feet

Chuckling bouncers, Suspended heat

Fingertipping clouds, marshmallow breeze

Honey-dipped wind chills, courageous indeed

Hear my words, obey me, heed

From gravity, I, shall set, you free


2. Of tripping

Toes-slide and collide.

Kiss the floor, scrape your chin,

Let those tears fill your salty eye.


3. Of tickling

Feel the tickle, wiggle, wiggle;

Invisible fingers, tickle tickle.

I started writing spells, haha. 😀 I wonder how I’ve never done it before, having loved magic for so many years…anyway. Writing spells are fun, hehe, although I’m not very good at it yet. And I suck at rhyming.