Vomit Poetry Challenge [Day 12]: I am waiting for something to end

30-Day Vomit Poetry Challenge: Day 12. No stops, no deletes, no edits–just write and keep writing. Publish as it is.

I am waiting
waiting the credits to end
waiting for something to end
waiting for that moment when I realize
there is no more music, no more additional
scenes, no more bonus footage
waiting to stand up, to notice that my butt
is sore from two hours of sitting
waiting for that feeling of tiredness mixed
with adrenaline, waiting for the
unfulfilled desire
for the sequel




your heart is a sparkling diamond

and me a curious miner

the seeker

and the waiting-to-be-found



I fell asleep counting

the many tomorrow’s,

solving and unsovling a

nonexistent equation;

weaving and unweaving

a never-ending dream;

waiting and unwaiting

at the edge of my world

for the brim of your shadow.

Inspired by “Destination Moon” by The Dining Room. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kr7BDJGMWy4&ob=av2n This version on Youtube is slightly different than the one I have, but it’s the same song. 🙂

Star Gazer

He fell in love with

a star gazer, a girl who lived by

constellations, shimmering

shapes from lightyears away,

her love far-reaching and

universal, lost in the glamours

of the brightest stars, across

Saturn’s belt. And he refused

to interrupt her stare, suspended

on the zenith of the world,

for his love, profound like a

boat’s anchor, would

only bring her down.


So he stood, and

gazed at his love, the lovely

star gazer, and wondered if,

in a million years,

the stars ever closed

their eyes and if they did,

would she turn around, and

find him standing, wordless

and waiting, behind her?


Taken from Photobucket

There’s something that I need to find. A moment in time.

Like, the painting of a dragon waiting for the final stroke of that ink-brush

The ultimate compression of imagism and realism and the dragon

Takes flight, soaring up into the air like a magnificent snake, like


A serpent of words and strings of sentences

Hung together like grapes and tiny apparitions

Maturing into life with the last

Stanza and the last word and the poem begins to breathe

A writer’s intention, contention and creation  like


A quiet desperation

Yearning for the stars to rain down from the universe

The thousand single glares searching

For the right spot to fall, the right soul to grace, like


An empty clay pot reserving its loneliness for the two-month old earth

Where a beautiful sprout will grow greener and taller and opens its face

Becomes nature’s delicate princess like when I say to myself


There’s something that I need to find.

A moment in time. A checkpoint in the orbit of life.

It’s coming, I know.

I know it’s coming

Because I’m coming close.


It’s just a matter of time.


By Kim T.


(UBCLE I LOVE BLOG 7 請到 http://nastk.wordpress.com/ 但是也歡迎你在我的英文BLOG逛逛~)


Your left hand hangs lifelessly

Beside the hospital bed, next to

The ghostly sheets


The clock is one minute until twelve.


Your death lingers

Between the leaves of the apple tree

Outside of the window

Looks so natural that

I can’t help but shiver.


The dreams from last night

Still rests on your brow like a feather

Lucifer’s kiss.


I still remember that night

Underneath the stars

I ran into your arms

And listened to your quiet heartbeats

Along with your short, ragged breaths

Fade with the upmost grace


You tell me not to be afraid

Your tired smile melts and disintegrates

On your tearless face

When your warmth disappears

Gradually from both of my hands

I stand by you, and I am numb


The clock strikes twelve

On the other side of the world.

I swallow back my tears

Don’t want you to hear me

And I whisper next to your ears

That promise I’ve failed to kept

When you were alive.



(Translated from my Chinese poem “Always” from http://nastk.wordpress.com/)


My world is painted black

With the night’s blood

The stars open their horrendous mouths

Their teeth like malicious tusks

Pierce through the steady rhythm of my heart

And my breaths

My tears are scared stiff.

My heart skips a beat



And shrieks


I bite my lip and feel the skin coming off

I fight back the pain

Struggling to break free

With subdued sobs

From your lingering ghost

Shapelessly killing me

Cursing me to sleep


Tonight the moon shines red

The walls shall bleed

And I will be buried alive

By the sound of the ticking clock.