There Is No Middle Ground by Arthur Solomon


“Solitude” by fairydancer464 via PhotoBucket

This poem is not mine, but I want to share because it’s meaningful.

There are many people who have seen the way things are,
And have asked almost in despair,
But what can I do?
An the only answer has been,
You have to do something about You.
Only you can decide whether you will be a part of
This destruction or whether you will set
Your heart and mind against it.
You may not be able to change where you work or how
You earn your living,
But you are totally responsible for the direction that
You give your own life.

We are only visitors here in this part of Creation,
We are guests of the one who owns this Creation.
We are always to keep in mind that we
Can own nothing here, not even our own lives.
So the purpose of life then, is
Not to acquire possessions
But to honour the Creator by how we live.

If we choose to be on the side of that great Positive Power
We have no choice but to set our hearts and minds
Against the destruction around us,
But thought without action is useless.
We must be on one side or the other
And how we will involve ourselves must be the free choice of everyone.

If we choose to act, we must act intelligently
And with common sense.
It means we will do everything in our power to understand
The questions that we choose to involve ourselves with.

But whatever we are, we must be action people
Even if the only action possible is to pray.

Power is given to each of us by the Creator.

They are on a journey, they have chosen their way.
They will restore their humanity.
They will take their place in the sun.
Will their path be a road of anger and bloodshed?
Or will it be a road they can walk on in honour and peace?

A new nation of people will be born again,
the sacred colour red will be restored
and no power on earth can prevent it>
You, that other colour of man,
can assist at the birth of this new nation,
Will you?

Taken from “The Hollow Tree” by Herb Nabigon,
Reprinted from Arthur Solomon, Songs for the People: Teachings on the Natural Way. Edited by Michael Posluns, 67-8 (Toronto: NC Press, 1990)


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