The Search in the Woods: Part Two

when the trees burn
the flames cast no light
towards my direction;
the shadows belong
to something darker
darker than the heat
I run from dark enough
to swallow


The Search in the Woods: Part One

In the woods
I come face to face
with my own reflection
and in those dark, haunted eyes
I search for an answer,
for the beating heart of the world,
for a frozen cosmic secret
only I would know

mushroom picking

brush away the resting faerie
on the bright red cap, watch as
its wings gently flutter
and glisten like stars–watch,
as the creatures of magic dart
across the mossy rug,
unsettling the forest dew

Fairy Wood

It is Wednesday night and I

Stumble into a fairy wood

Twinkling little wings

Brush past my cheeks

When they fly past my left ear I can

Hear them giggle


It makes my heart itch.


As I walk deeper into their tiny kingdom

I see two trees, two stubborn maples

Playing chess, their branches pushing

The tiny pieces across the board

Leaves rustling




Watch out for this move!


Reluctantly I turn

A fairy tucks at my hair and tells me to walk

Walk—! This is not where your destiny is!

So I follow blindly

And my heart beats faster

As I venture deeper


Into this magical heartland that surrounds me.


But it is not perfect. It never is.


Gushes of rotten black cover parts of the ground

Like open wounds

I feel myself trembling when I cross over

If I touch it, it might creep up from my feet again

Like a monstrous slime with a mind of its own


No! This is not where your destiny is!

Those fairies scream at me,

I am falling back, from the accumulating gravity on my flesh


I think I will cry.


Dearie! Dearie! This is not where your destiny is!

I should have buried it long ago.


Dear! Dearie! This is not where your destiny is!







Come and meet your destiny!

Leave me.

So at last

I wander to the End

Of this kingdom

Perhaps it really is

Where my destiny is


But probably not

There is no time in this fairy wood

Here, there is not the sound of ticking

No hours passing

Just me and my fairies

And my wounds.


Come and meet your destiny! Dearie! Dearie!

Dearie. Dearie.


My destiny?