For dreams are stronger when dreamed together

Hello stranger,
I know this seems out of the blue
and kind of random, but
I can’t help but notice
the way you tilt
your head towards the sky
the way you wait
for the stars to blink back
and the way you tremble
with desire like I do–
pardon my rudeness
I can’t help but interrupt your
skyward gazing and fervent wishing
but I knew; I knew from the instant
that I saw you, I wanted to
hold you by the hand
and share your trepidation;
for dreams are stronger
when dreamed together
and life will be so much sweeter
when we dream together


The Book of Love

love is the slowing
and churning of each
and every heartbeat,
an exchange and
sharing of dreams
between two souls alike

stolen heart


I have found you in one of my yesterday’s

your eyes glazed and laden with stars

your smile is like a butterfly

and your love an impalpable music


I see dreams get tangled in your eyelashes

their velvety wings kiss you to sleep every night

I see hearts swoon whenever you are near

you move like the four seasons

like spring and summer and winter and fall


I have found you at last

in one of my yesterday’s

precisely four yesterday’s and three regrets ago

where you stood before me, offering me a drink

where gravity easily overtook me

where I smiled like an idiot, fell,

and never got up

Shadow World

I took a step back into

silent repudiation

and bent the

laws of physics

in my mind and soon

we were reunited

between the borders of this

world and the next;

another life in another

universe where we

found each other

in  our love and

lost each other

to intangibility.