when you close your eyes

when your eyelashes
sleep at the bottom
of your eyes like caterpillars

are you waiting for time to pass by
are you trying to catch it by its tail
are you hoping for truth
to open its petals like a blossoming flower
are you dreaming so you can be
awake, so you can be alive?

my friend, don’t waste a single second
each one of your breath is worth more
than any promised future moment–
is your heart not beating
is it not overflowing with the stuff of life
are you not present in your body
are you not real
are you not a human

when you close your eyes
do you not exist
in this very moment?



want to be a lantern
that lights up
the path

want to be a fire
that burns
in the dark

want to be the star
that points
to the North

want to be the sun
that nourishes
the earth

want to be a glorious beat
that pulses through
the Heart of the Universe

and can I not wish
for a light that travels fair
and far

and can I not wish
for a world where light travels
faster and further
than the reach of the dark

and if by wishing I could undo
what has been done
then there would be no more nightmares
for in a blink of a heartbeat, they shall be gone

Vomit Poetry Challenge [Day 4]: somewhere over the rainbow

30-Day Vomit Poetry Challenge: Day 4. No stops, no deletes, no edits–just write and keep writing. Publish as it is.

somewhere over the rainbow
there is another rainbow,
perfectly arched and iridescently coloured
like a rainbow should
and here I stand, perceiving it
down to the very pixel
the ever-changing light
the misty freshness after the rain
and I realize that there are only rainbows
there have always been rainbows
not somewhere far, somewhere over
they are right here, in my heart

Obligatory New Year Poem

 Happy New Year, everybody!

This year, I vow to miscount every second,
every minute, every hour, every day,
until time matters no longer,
until happiness is all I measure

This year, I vow to love fiercer and deeper,
every minute, every hour, every day,
until every moment is a moment of realness
until every action stands for itself

This year, I subject myself to rejuvenation,
every minute, every hour, every day,
until each breath makes and wakes me anew
until each heartbeat only beats true

This year, I vow to dream by living,
every minute, every hour, every day,
until past and future are nowhere to be found
until words of regret no longer abound.

26 Moments That Restored Our Faith In Humanity This Year

Hello world. This post isn’t going to be a poem. I have come across this brief blog post (mostly pictures) about 26 heart-warming moments that restored our faith in humanity this year. I feel that I must share it as much as possible. I was crying as I was reading it, touched. So please go have a look! It takes less than 5 minutes to go through everything.

This is what we should celebrate; these are the stories that we should spread. Not gossip, take-down pieces or politics. We all need to recognize and cherish the love as well as the brave individuals all around us.

So here’s 26 moments of love, courage, and the precious things in this world:



Taken from Photobucket

There’s something that I need to find. A moment in time.

Like, the painting of a dragon waiting for the final stroke of that ink-brush

The ultimate compression of imagism and realism and the dragon

Takes flight, soaring up into the air like a magnificent snake, like


A serpent of words and strings of sentences

Hung together like grapes and tiny apparitions

Maturing into life with the last

Stanza and the last word and the poem begins to breathe

A writer’s intention, contention and creation  like


A quiet desperation

Yearning for the stars to rain down from the universe

The thousand single glares searching

For the right spot to fall, the right soul to grace, like


An empty clay pot reserving its loneliness for the two-month old earth

Where a beautiful sprout will grow greener and taller and opens its face

Becomes nature’s delicate princess like when I say to myself


There’s something that I need to find.

A moment in time. A checkpoint in the orbit of life.

It’s coming, I know.

I know it’s coming

Because I’m coming close.


It’s just a matter of time.


By Kim T.