a collection of words
a puff of air; I lean closer
to smell your breath
and I wince from the stench
of its emptiness


One comment

  1. windreamer · December 7, 2016

    Smiled At

    This resting image goes center stage at the point of giving out
    An answer provided for any reason needed for living found
    A gifted shroud of kindness finding selfless in its likeness
    Potent in its simplicity and effortless in its striking
    Honest smiling wiping away elements of time and space
    Strength without knowing how much in a mirrored silent face
    One with private waves of assurance even if for a moment
    The recognition of one bowing to a presence much more important
    Reordered borders silenced with inner tears kept partially at bay
    A shining presence on united losses witnessed as last days
    Expanses advanced by managing a glimpse of something true
    Moments never promised beyond the next becoming new
    An empathetic muse sent to rescue the brink off the ledge
    The world accepting as it is where co-inhabitants aren’t guests
    Sharpened breaths relaxed without giving away position
    Warmth returned to areas running on deathly cold friction


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