For dreams are stronger when dreamed together

Hello stranger,
I know this seems out of the blue
and kind of random, but
I can’t help but notice
the way you tilt
your head towards the sky
the way you wait
for the stars to blink back
and the way you tremble
with desire like I do–
pardon my rudeness
I can’t help but interrupt your
skyward gazing and fervent wishing
but I knew; I knew from the instant
that I saw you, I wanted to
hold you by the hand
and share your trepidation;
for dreams are stronger
when dreamed together
and life will be so much sweeter
when we dream together




what’s black and white
calls for rainbow-like poignancy,
a twisted burst of purity and genius
on top of spectrum-flaked dreams

Ghost in the Trees

Caught myself a grey
little spectre, brimming
with whispers of the past,
and eyes bleeding charcoal.
What now? Now that I held
a fraction of ancient
between my fingers?
What now? Now that I held
a heartbeat strummed
many dreams and songs ago
that began to open its mouth wide,
dying to breathe
for the very first time?

dreamers live lives

dreamers live lives bigger
than their reality. They soar,
as easily as they are broken;
they love and abandon recklessly.
They are the best adventurers,
treading on glassy grounds of
doom and wonder: eternally conflicted
and undecided about
their own lies,
their own truths.


the river of phantoms speaks
through clusters of interstellar dust;
it pulses with the shining
of its own language; moves slowly
with density, speed–fast
as dreams are formed, true
as dreams are dreamed