I lost a poem

I lost a poem
on my way home
from work; I
lost it at the second
intersection, when the light
turned green, as the
shifty words folded
collapsed upon themselves
and quietly,
from my consciousness,
took their leave


One comment

  1. WinDreamer · February 19, 2017


    I want to care, I want more than to blindly stare
    Could it happen, me not pretending to be right there
    As lost, mourned, and silent appearing reborn, repaired
    Seeing firsthand successions of expressive moments to share
    Tears in time-space continuum express-messaged through feels
    Fond of emotions conjured by smiles painfully revealed
    Vulnerable in forwardness beyond what loneliness conceals
    Worst actions left alone from remembering trying to heal
    Disarmed swords and shields enshrined from ferocious fights
    Memories ready for fading made with endless mourning in sight
    Heaviest prices comprising of every step and kneel as a gift
    Contributions to the straining for signs of an ongoing wish
    Intertwining lost sections extensive in the space to drift
    Universally present as the universe shows complimenting shifts
    The final lift over heights where galactic eclipses exist
    Some better than imagined slipped into view as a visual kiss


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