the past is

the fabled storm
that touches Poseidon’s
trident is soft, yet electric
and the last ship that has sailed
rides atop the roars
of the Sea God,
hours and days lost
in their currents
and while I know
the radiant wind pushing
against the mast
blows only one direction
I can’t help but look back
a single tear caresses
and escapes my shoulder
I miss you
I miss you still
but the last ship that has sailed
rides atop the roars of the Sea God
hours and hours and days lost
in a different tomorrow


how meticulously you counted the holes in the moon

how meticulously you counted
the holes in the moon
how you measured the crater
while between your eyes
the future burrowed
and as the eerie light gently fell
–strands and waves of silver–
on our skin, you shivered from
its ghostly touch and I
took you by the hand
to draw you closer,
to show you the beautiful pale secrets
strewn across the goddess of the night
were treasures that answered
your prayers, were answers
to the questions that you cast
the day before, a long time ago,
and just now in your mind
towards the embrace
of the stars
and the open sky

Catching the future by the teeth

desires unfold like
a kaleidoscope without patterns
colours and shapes argue
against a white backdrop
an eerie light settles like
dust in a house unentered

it is a fool’s errand
to bite off a piece of tomorrow
the irregularly shaped orb sits
like sandpaper in my throat;
any second now–
dreams might shatter
and stars might fall

–find me.
Find me, find me.
unearth me like treasure.
see me again and again
with wonder in your eyes–

With wonder in your eyes.

Lost Stars

there is a brief moment,
when the tectonic plates of words shift
and as they lost themselves in the act of
searching, in their desperate attempt to
rejoin a meaningful narrative,
that moment is a flash of whirlwind,
a lightning strike splitting the sky open,
unleashing a downpour of unfocused stars
flailing and screaming as they fall,
powerful wishes losing themselves
in a perpetual descend down to reality
and as frantically rearrange themselves,
their souls drifting out of pattern, out of the norm,
they dream of the past, where they shone
without a care of the world, and they dream of
their present, where gravity threatens to
crush them and destroy them, and they dream
of an uncertain future untangling and unfolding before
their very eyes, not knowing where they would land,
now knowing if they would ever be the same
not knowing if what they are doing is the right thing
or the wrong thing, not knowing if they fell out of fear
or they fell from an act of courage that pushed them
over the edge so they flew–and as they fell
they asked themselves, is this real, is this true
am I being ripped away from my celestial frame
or is Earth beckoning me to collide with its soul;

what is meaning, if not a collection of words,
yet what are words, if not an arbitrary alignment of choices
what is love, if not an eager herd of lost stars
trying to find their way, trying to savour each other’s  light,
trying to figure out would they cease to shine
when the ground draws them in for a kiss
trying to understand if there is anything to understand

love is fear
love is chaos
love is change
love is courage
love is dream that threatens to be real
love is the reality that fades like a dream awaken
love is a space of nowhere
defining and redefining itself
love is everything and everything we chose

love is choosing to be right here,
right now
love is a neverending story
that continues to spin itself



I love you this ______________________

Please insert the appropriate poetic device
and figurative language
so that you will comprehend the scope
of my love

I love you this ______________________

If everything fails, feel free to drop some F-bombs
those effing explosions will blend and mix perfectly
and roast just the right amount
of cheese

Just like the flesh on
the chambers of my heart

SNIK Poetry: A Valentine’s Special

I may think love destroys me
but it is love that sets me free.
Somewhere Nowhere In My Kingdom: Volume 2

Somewhere Nowhere In My Kingdom is back with another issue!

In Volume 2, you will find a collection of seven poems on the theme of love packed together with a visual punch. As usual, the poetry is presented with stunning photography to enhance the poetic message. It is short and sweet: browse through for a quick poetic speed-date, or take pause and enjoy a long period of contemplation.

Either way, please check it out!

Unfortunately, the magazine is not available for viewing on any cell-phone or tablet device. My current membership with Joomag is a free one, so I’m afraid I don’t have access to that particular functionality.

I hope you enjoy it and thank you so much for your support!

Live, laugh, and love deeply. ❤


P.S. Check out Vol. 1: “I dream, therefore I become.”