the months keep sneaking up on me these days

the months keep sneaking
up on me these days;
I remember I used to be
wide eyed and slightly afraid.
that girl, however, is a lifetime


in the moments when I
forgot to breathe, just
for a second or two
I have to remind myself
the simple profundity
that exists within a single
rotation of breath

inhale, exhale
you only live once



You only live once



Sorry, not even your biceps

can lift this weight
that is my heart
it cannot be spotted
no matter how hard you try
it needs its only anaerobic
push, reps and reps of
high impact intervals
to metabolize its deadened muscles
more salt, more grunts, more
counts, more oxygen -breath-
more fervent wishing, more

-deep, deep inhale-

to get back
back on
back on its beat


The Meaning of Life

the attempt to understand life
seems a guaranteed failing
the eternal act of extrapolation of meaning
the insatiable desire to configure
its meandering metaphors into
operational spectrums of reference
that allow us to function as relevant

‘What is the meaning of life?”

if there were an answer to this question,
would life still hold meaning?


In darkness and vacuum,
every breath you draw
substantiates the truth
that you tell; time drones
away with every heartbeat,
a clock you cannot defeat;
perhaps, only gravity
can save you now
only gravity
can liberate you
stop you from spinning
out of control
stop you from spinning
out of reach and
stop, stop you
from spinning
of this


our existence is but a
tiny temporal dust
floating in the river of time
in which stars have breathed
their first and their last;

we belong to a single heartbeat
an endless cosmic dream
that we attempt to measure
with lifetimes—and we fail
for it is a dream too vast,
and too deep to be real

Ghost in the Trees

Caught myself a grey
little spectre, brimming
with whispers of the past,
and eyes bleeding charcoal.
What now? Now that I held
a fraction of ancient
between my fingers?
What now? Now that I held
a heartbeat strummed
many dreams and songs ago
that began to open its mouth wide,
dying to breathe
for the very first time?