The Piercer.

Every midnight, the Piercer sharpens his spear

In his silver dungeon, down inside Earth’s deepest cave

A place too close to the boiling core

The heat presses against your eyelids

You can go blind

Your flesh will simmer

Only a piercer

Such as this Piercer

Can endure that heat.


Every midnight, the Piercer sharpens his spear

He watches for his enemies with his eyes

His third eye, on the back of his head,

His fourth eye, on his oil-stained belly

And his blistered fifth, drooping, on his left thigh

Those eyes never blink

Not even once

And they whisper of hell

And in silence, they seem to laugh


Every midnight, the Piercer sharpens his spear

Ties a tear-drenched ribbon to its end

Black, and still wet from the stolen memories

Candy-cane songs, rain-boot laughter

The smell of lemon flowers and chocolate leaves

Taken away, torn apart and ripped to shreds

Shreds! And pathetic ashes

The air is too thick that you will want to cry

When you suck in those dead things

You are numb


Every midnight, the Piercer sharpens his spear

He works in silence, his crooked arm and his

Layered skin, like putrid tree barks

Smelling of sweat and puke and bloody things

He sharpens his spear until it shines

Glows with an eerie light

Like greedy eyes in a mirror


Every midnight, the Piercer sharpens his spear

After he sharpens his spear

He admires it in his hand, and he

Leaves his cave, emerges,

Rides the next unfortunate cloud

Lurks in the sky like a ghost

Among the planets

Like a dark nebula


Every midnight, the Piercer sharpens his spear

He wanders across the sky, his arm thrown back in full extension

His muscles flexed, gathering his strength,

To throw that spear


At all that is good

And he lets go


Letting go

Letting go

Letting it go


And that spear

Tears across a child’s dream

So innocent and sweet and infinite

Still warm from a lullaby

Now oozing gore

Bleeding bleached blue

Acidic fissures slicing across

Slicing across an entire world.


An, entire, world.


So every midnight

The Piercer sharpens his spear

And watches with his five eyes

That spear across the night sky

The flash of its blade

A wish’s demise


The tail of a shooting star.



You wouldn’t even recognize her

Hidden beneath that soft moonlit fur

It’s not the first time that she turned

By now she should have already learned


The candle lights are drifting away

Never again would she see the dawning day

But even so, she’s lost her way

The night is disowning her, little by little


Where the two worlds meet

Where two hearts collide

When both eyes start to weep


When she sinks too deep

As she falls asleep

And cry, how could this be?


There are no more words

Only broken dreams

As the sky tears at its seams 


Her claws are tightened

It wouldn’t be long

It’s already too late


Nowhere to go, nowhere else to go

It’s already too late, already too late

The world has lost her

The world has lost her

It’s already too late