the bitter words I harbored
were burdens I consciously bore
and though it hurt
to speak
I spoke at will
baring my teeth
like a beast
so you would know
the pain
I felt


One comment

  1. WinDreamer · June 2, 2016


    Self help strength to stand and face anger
    Walked alone, passed newly made strangers
    The equals we are within the same dangers
    Boxed movements envy who full range favors
    Saved aches worth all wounds not deflected
    Empty statements wiped clear as deceptive
    Short term reflective moments before lift off
    Resending prayers sincere and clear in thought
    Heavy hit heart withering for the time being
    Soul searching inside, trying to find meaning
    Precise cleaning seen as needed to be done
    Solid bonds revealed as trying to keep dust
    Reap some benefits left from stories finalized
    Secondary safety to mask and hide vital signs
    Primal eyes resizing where sights need to be seen
    Against the flow reveals what upstream keeps


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