don’t look for me

while you redeemed
ticket after ticket
to second chances
I counted each stub
as they piled into mountain
ridges, outgrowing the
train treks and metal bridges


One comment

  1. WinDreamer · March 13, 2016


    You claim lifetimes of tears, I’m not wandering your ocean alone
    Broken memories after their death look on from love’s hold
    No ease like what I’ve seen in colorizing life from once shown
    The days woven after those landscapes revealed retiring from unknown
    A lost touch accompanying the place built around a hushed soul
    A heart’s final moments extended as part of a bullet and gun’s toll
    The light extinguished memorialized as remembering becomes mourned
    Find that some hope for more than themselves when the sky runs cold
    That lonely journey for me is upclose and personal the entire way
    The brightest moved beyond so that I can keep my brighter shame
    Crying beneath the ground, fighting the knowledge of a higher place
    Attention gone disorder for a darkened moon calling to expired waves
    Clouds’ tears embraced through a vanished sun gone in an admired ache
    The obvious that this is the work of how one with blinders paint
    Unkempt sacred places gifted the current state of dire straits
    Glad to be the offcenter part to claim your brief, misfired aim


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