Dust-Songs of Healing

perhaps wounds need to be buried
so that they may tuck themselves away in their dismay and silence
so that they may spin themselves a web of nightmares far away from your reach
so the fervent sobs and aches will slowly and gently dull
and what used to hurt you will fade away as the story draws to a close

but one day the wind will unsettle
the dust covering the bones of your past
the rain will wash away the layers of soil
gatekeeping the festering pains of your soul
the blades and claws from a lifetime ago
will reveal themselves to the light
and you, breathless but steady,
will hold remnants of who you used to be in your hands
you will pick them up and reminisce all that there ever was
and you will laugh with tears in your eyes as they turn
into dust in your hands
and you will release your fingers
and they will be caught in a soft gust of air that purposefully comes
and you will watch as the dust
is swept away by one gentle breeze


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