Ghosts-Songs of Healing

Sometimes you hear voices and whispers, and you think there are ghosts unsettling the dust in your soul’s keeping, because you have lived through years of their haunting and have been tormented by their shadows. You think that if you find those ghosts, you can expose them to the light and you will in turn find peace in your act of exorcism-you live in fear of their returning, and you are anxious to see them gone, you breathe and you puff yourself up and you refuse to be defeated because you are scared of feeling powerless.

But they aren’t ghosts. They are echoes of the struggles of your past. They are the echoes of your battle cries that you screamed long ago, that you still hear when you see a glimpse of the darkness that you seek to banish.

There is darkness in you; there are nightmares that dwell and try to frighten you with their seemingly infinite reach, but darkness is not a place beyond your reach; it is not a space where you get lost in. In the dark, the stars of truth shine fiercer, the healing rays of the moon glow brighter, and the essence of your spirit shine forever.

It is at night when you find yourself in your shadow. It is at night where dreams and reality collide and you find that the only thing is real is your own very breath and the beating of your fragile heart. It is at night where you find your own light. It is at night where you transform and turn into the sun. And you are glorious. And you are beautiful. And though past night comes day then comes night again, you yourself are the entirety of your celestial world. You are eternal. You are brilliant.

And you are not your ghosts.

You are your truest, most genuine and glorious self.

And you are alive.



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