A Muffin’s Tragedy

I found this poem while digging through some old folders; I remember I wrote this in my creative writing class back in high school. Can’t believe I actually wrote a poem about a wrathful muffin…did some edits (Okay I basically rewrote it), but the tragic vision remains.

In its stomach shines a magnificent hatred,
a sizzling crimson light clouding
its warped bakery vision, which perceives
hunger like temperature rising

This is what doom tastes like,
crushed raisins, bleeding chocolate
and raspberry tears

This is what doom sounds like,
voracious fingers waltzing across the plate
desperate tremours vibrating down to its cakey core
clarion screams gnawed and trapped between
a wet tongue, rows of teeth, a throat

Drowning in its own soul
Down, down, down
Down the rabbit hole




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