To Catch a Shooting Star

I sit, at the end of its trajectory,
weaving patience into webs and
inspirational speeches;
I sit, and with the corner of my eye,
I catch a glimmer of its light,
so mischievous a wink
and so mighty a destiny,
that each breath feels
like a separate existence
each heartbeat a passing
and birthing of an entire universe

is an opportunity of a lifetime
worthy of a thousand seizings–
and I stand, at the end of its trajectory,
eyes-open, feet-steady, grip-ready,



One comment

  1. WinDreamer · January 18

    A humbled whimper at the foot of mercy, unrecognized
    A shrugged off slump, learning of emptying eyes
    Visions, not mine, keep up glimpses of not going blind
    Holed out abyss and somehow rallied up to climb
    Graffiti as signs my presence is not the first here
    Wall writings from us cast asides, lonely peer to peer

    – WinDreamer

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