The wheels of flame sear through
the sky that is blue; you appear
before me, the head of a dragon-serpent
with golden starlit eyes alive on your armour,
you raise the spear tipped with divine fire,
an ever-burning dance

“Know me,” you say, but I know not your voice;
I piece your existence together with memory and reverence,
yet I do not know you
I recognize your light from the darkness I have known,
yet I do not know you

I learned your face behind a trail of incense,
your legends and your powers through a passing of tales,
your answers with two crescent-moons made of wood
that is the You that I know,
and that is the You I do not know

perhaps I cannot gaze upon profundity
and expect to see its depth,
perhaps I cannot approach infinity
with a reality it does not belong to

“Who are you?” I ask–who are You, are you an entity with a name,
a god wrapped in glorious armour and cosmic justice,
a face of this everchanging universe?
“Know me,” you say, as I gaze into your eyes,
your shape and form so far away in the starry heavens–

And I reach for you, and ask for your Name


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  1. Wow…just wow…

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