The Promise of Act One

the fallen tree’s eyeless stare
bears into my mind; is this
adventure’s calling, the
inciting incident of a heroic
narrative, the first page
of Act One? Shall I save it
from its misery, as an
unfolding mystery gravitates
towards me? Shall I right it
of its awkward disposition,
is this my time at last, is this–

I lower my head, switch songs
on my iPod, and walk past–

It’s just a fallen tree.


One comment

  1. WinDreamer · January 18

    It nearly seemed like a spark
    A quickness, but very much – a moment
    She looked at me, there was THAT moment, before…
    Before she walked off and the crowd unified with her

    A non-standing tree doesn’t have much to go on,
    besides urine, possible chopping/cutting, and gnawing animals.
    A non-standing tree barely even gets seen as a non-standing tree.

    For a moment, I was fallen, and still considered a bit of a tree.

    Maybe a small den, or a hearty nest?
    Sometimes, even a fallen tree aspires for the next phase.

    – WinDreamer

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