Rage Poem: The Missed Bus


my unedited anger yesterday, expressed in the form of a poem, written during the half an hour while I waited for the next bus:

its blue nose timely pokes through the traffic,
I stand, bus pass ready, the day carpets before me.
it approaches like a lazy beast,
the loud left-turning screech finds its way to my ears
a mechanical yawn, a temporary closing of its eyes,
and I am left abandoned, as an overwhelming despair
dawns before me, sinks into the very depths of my soul.
I stand wretched; I stand, tongue-tied
with a malicious curse, my thoughts filled with
black magic, words as dark and oily as Snape’s Slytherin hair.
oh how cruel, to be left alone in the cold, the next bus
half an hour apart, the plants above my head weeping dew.
what have I done to deserve such torture?
what have I against this universe? I am but
a humble student trying to get to classes,
trying to get through a regular day that is now ruined.
stupid, stupid bus. Oh why am I mistreated so?


One comment

  1. slpmartin · January 23, 2013

    Got a chuckle out of this one…thanks!

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