the undead (rap?)

there’s always a reason to walk again, to live, to defy

in fact, I thought about this right before I died

if only to see you again, to have you by my side

now that I’m awake again, I am finally alive

the rules of the living I no longer need to abide

we can transcend reality, have our two worlds collide

though my bones are broken; my flesh is dry

but my love for you will never subside

I am yours forever, my sweet love, my dearest, my bride

we’ll get through this together, we’ll rise above the tides

so wipe your tears from your eyes, dear,

and watch me kiss death good-bye


So originally, I thought to myself: why not try writing a rap song? And then I thought: why not write a rap about zombies? But somehow I never got past that first stanza, so I’m dubbing it a poem.

And this is one of the rare moments that you’ll see me rhyme–just experimenting with something I’m unfamiliar with.

Having that said, you’ll probably never see me rhyme again, haha.


One comment

  1. slpmartin · August 18, 2012

    Like the surreal nature of this.

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