an ant on your skin

to them, there is only forward

they advance

not knowing what you are

trapped in their two-dimensional vision

and horizontal understanding of reality

you feel an itch on your leg

a tickling on your shoulder

you catch them waltzing up your skin

undeterred in their minuscule existence

so focused, so intent, so colossally unaware

the world beyond sight






  1. Kim · August 17, 2012

    @ Sandy: Yup, please go ahead! Just a note that I did not produce that photograph–I found it via Google image. Thanks for visiting my blog. 🙂

  2. Sandy Taylor · August 17, 2012

    I loved this poem because it not only eloquently described exactly how a single ant feels as it makes contact with a human, but I can easily share this photo and poem with my 4th graders to help them understand how poetry can create clear images without having punctuation, sentence conventions or capitalization–all of which they abhor! (I hope it’s okay to share with my class?!)

  3. slpmartin · August 13, 2012

    Really enjoyed the your poem…ants are so amazing…we could learn some lessons from them.

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