time is

time is a whisper in the depth of our minds,

a dark, sinewy voice tangled with thorns and deadlines

ticking, always ticking in the shadows


time is a luscious berry beneath the sun

its flesh ripens and splits on its own accord

a slow, quiet song of existence


time is a kind of love, an ineffable romance

a storm in our veins, a river of mysteries

mysteries only a true believer can solve


time is where our stories begin

where the clockwork of history churns an turns

a heaving clock from the ancient realm


time is an illusion, the echoing footsteps in triple time

an eternal waltz across plains as vast as a dreams

dreams that hold the power to amaze us, overwhelm us,

to kiss us full on the lips and shatter us


time is the cure to this wretched life

the fire, earth, wind and water

the purest form of magic that shall set us free


(This is one of my “ArtSignments”, from “Creating Time” by Marci Shimoff–a book about time, creativity and spirituality. I was asked to write a poem starting with “time is…” and to examine my relationship with time through this exercise. Anyway. Hopefully this poem didn’t turn out too cheesy. :D)


One comment

  1. slpmartin · June 19, 2012

    Love the array of expressions about time.

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