this is what evolution means


For the past two weeks I have gorged 

down textbook after textbook, 

fed myself sheets of notes

until I could no longer be fed.

My desk is splattered with spoonfuls of my vomit, 

chunks of semi-digested knowledge

slimy and sizzling hot 

with my stomach acid.


I can’t help 

but think that us students, we’re some sort of 

creature, something temporarily deformed 

and blazingly insane. Because 

after all this superfluous brain damage 

it’s amazing that 

we are still able to evolve 

into something else, each and every

one of us, evolving into something else entirely. 


One comment

  1. contemplativemoorings · April 21, 2012

    You must know the monkey before you can outsmart the monkey…or something like that…

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