Our existence depended on our mutual nothingness

Wordless whispers and pieces of our souls

exchanged on the tips of our tongues, between our mouths

Those things grew to define us.

We yearned and wanted and loved

because we saw no future, no hope, no end,

just like the way we began, where we first started–

when we had nothing,

and we lost ourselves to each other.

Entangled, we sought emptiness,

searing our hearts open,

letting out those mutilated memories

trying so hard

to mend our broken selves–

a mutual destruction of both,

a vacuum of forgiveness–

an immortality through death.


One comment

  1. slpmartin · March 16, 2012

    Wow…what a strong co-dependent relationship portrait you present in the poem….well crafted poem IMHO.

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