The Power of Love

Your smile, glazed

with lemon,

in the afternoon sun–

I am no longer afraid.

Let the storm clouds come.

For some reason the phrase “glazed with lemon” came to me while I was greedily devouring a lemon raspberry muffin. Somehow I connected it to a smile. But I couldn’t get past these few lines for some reason, so I think for now I will just leave it as it is. I was kind of heading towards a romantic poem, but then I was overflowing with conventional metaphors and images for romance and I just couldn’t bear to continue writing. I’m trying to break out of my style; try new things. The thing is I like writing abstract poetry rich in imagery, but I want to try writing poems that have a certain groundedness. More verbs. More visible, tangible movements. I’ve noticed that I’m a very “floaty” writer; half of the time I”m drifting all over the place. Maybe that’s just my style…but anyway. It’s good to try new things.

Oh dear look how much I babbled.


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