In spite of obstacles and disagreements, women continued to campaign for suffrage.

Jennifer wong posted on your wall. What did u get for ur midterm? I totally

failed. 😦 The turning point in the long battle

finally came in 1916, when the vigorous I did OK suffrage

campaign waged by western women

culminated in their

                                      Omg I wanna kill someone. Cooper like,

rapidfires and my hand can barely

keep up. My notes are shit. imma leech on to

yours from now on kk?

Enfranchisement in Manitoba, Alberta, and Saskatchewan. A year later, British Columbia and Ontario followed suit; women in Nova Scotia,

                           I’m sure you did fine.



New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, and Newfoundland won the vote in 1918, 1919, 1922, and 1925, respectively. In all cases except New Brunswick and Ontario, the right to vote was accompanied by the right to hold office; New Brunswick women



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                                                                                                   WTF? That’s just horrible.

New Brunswick women became eligible to hold office in 1934; and Ontario Women, in 1919.

I know. Poor kid.

Are they calling him a nigger? But he’s Asian…

People are weird.



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Fine just ignore me.

Only Quebec held back and refused to grant the provincial vote to women until 1940. At the federal level, women’s franchise was achieved in three phases. The Military Voters Act in 1917 gave the vote to women nurses

                        Look I’ve got a crapload of reading to do.


Seriously Jen I’m like 100 pages behind my women’s studies.





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Shit it’s 3AM.

This is an experimental poem of mine and also my attempt to capture a procrastinator’s mind…let me clarify, though, this is not a personal experience. I don’t really procrastinate because I’m a good student, haha. At least, not like this, going back and forth between Facebook and required school readings. I did quote extensively from my women studies textbook, though. I was also referring to a real video being posted and later removed on Youtube, about this Asian kid being beaten up by seven other kids. The “friend” names I totally made up. I tried to imitate online “Facebook” talk and I used some abbreviations…the spacing was really tricky when I transferred it onto WordPress, because the editing box doesn’t really reflect the reality of the page (once it’s published, that is.) I had to preview like crazy to make sure everything looks right. And anyway, I am SO HUNGRY right now. I need to go eat.



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