Untitled (a dark romantic tale)

He found a bloody eclipse in her eyes,

dark orbs rimmed with crimson,

shining secrets beautifully and wonderfully sordid

that whispered of years and centuries and eons of things

beyond his existence, memories thick

enough to smother his soul. Gradually

he became lost, yet again,

inside the labyrinth of an impossible love,

hunted by the inscrutable darling of the night,

a diabolical creature so tender, so true,

so hard to touch and so beautiful. She danced

to the rhythm of his violent heartbeat,

consuming the scent of his terror

through her monstrous nostrils and

every time as he tried to rationalize desperately

their unorthodox romance, she would

fade into the shadows whence she came—

her smile branded, tattooed upon his flesh—

and vanish out of his reach.

I had a brief gothic phase for about one week or so, during which I once again fell in love with vampires. This is the product of my short-lived fervour. This reminds me of high school…I was completely gothic-minded and wrote about vampires, angels and demons all the time. I remember my creative writing teacher refusing to publish my poem about demon conjuring into the school anthology haha. I had to switch it with another poem that wasn’t blatantly evil. Heh heh heh heh heh.


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