Loki: The God of Mischief

Perfection through absolution:

Halved, with a profound and indispensable jealousy.

An insufferable displacement. From chaos, he

shall give birth to himself, stain his princely hands

with the blood of a condescending illusion constituted

of destruction, lost lives and scorched waste. His

own personal manifestation of reality, of unreality,

a dense web of lies, an estranged dimension of suspended

pain and diabolical joy. He lives in an inescapable paradox,

the only space for his existence; an exit and a dead end;

a loveless labyrinth; a complex, wretched  architecture built

upon the darkness of his soul.

This is the Loki from the recent Marvel’s movie, Thor. I’m having a helpless crush on him, haha. And he’s such a fascinating villain to write about (and to adore hehe). He’s going to appear as the primary villain in next year’s Avengers movie, which I am seriously looking forward to. I just hope that the movie will be epic, because it has such a great character set: Loki, Thor, Captain America, Iron Man, Hulk, Black Widow, Hawkeye. What could go wrong, really? They’re the superheroes of our time. I just hope it won’t be ruined by a shitty plot, like Captain America, which I thought had great potential after seeing the trailer.

Anyway. I’m so busy these days *sob* I have to steal time to write my poetry. I make myself seem like a thief. But truly it’s my midterms and papers that are stealing my pleasures from me…just wait until I finish university. Ha! Then I’m going to be a full-time couch-potato for a year, just to make up all the time in which I didn’t slack off properly. Mwahahahahahaha.


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