A crimson explosion of blood serves

as an accurate representation of her heart,

beating in accordance with the cocks

of the machine gun, a rhythmic crescendo

of the sounds of destruction, fusing with the

undeniable chromatics of remorse, corrosive chords

of forsaken love and splatters of awry glissandos

that reflect the self-contained chaos within her

trembling self. She must not utter a word, in

order to conserve an expression of serenity.

Tears are not allowed. Love is not allowed. You

are not allowed. Thus, she restrains the violent spasms of

despair, pulls everything close, inward, inside, those

demon claws that tear her into pieces, corrosive aspirations

that she knows will never be realized, will cease once

she ceases. With a horrendous cry, she fires, charges,

at her enemy, the princess of destruction, destroying

all that’s in her path, all that is  herself.

Haven’t been able to write much lately…stupid midterms and group presentations. This has been a free-write. I just let words flow. I am so haunted by this warrior princess these days…a character without a name, a story that I will have to write sooner or later, because I have never been so obsessed about a character before, not like this. And I’m very tempted to name her Gloriana, a name I’ve come across in reading Spencer’s Faerie Queene. But that will be for another time…right now, I’m so busy with school that I practically don’t have a life. 😦

And here’s the playlist I’ve created for her using 8tracks. Here’s my warrior princess in motion–and her narrative expressed in the forms of music.


One comment

  1. slpmartin · October 16, 2011

    For just rapid fire writing…this is very interesting….I loved some of the phrasing you used…hope midterms go well.

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