The October Cold

The enemy dwells within my throat

like a furry hairball of sulphur, stubbornly

resisting my coughs, refusing to come

to terms with my mutilated voice that of

a premature hag, too early for Halloween

to justify its unnatural coarseness. Words,

entangled in that sickly mess, a sticky web

of overjoyed virus that has colonized my

body and my spirit. I sneeze out my protests,

attempting to drive those uncountable

microscopic pests out of my bloodstream, a

long-sounding battle cry from my immune

system. No, I will not surrender. I shall

continue to fight with a warm bed, a cup

of minty green tea with stirred-in honey

and Tylenol. So quit bothering my health and my

worn-out school life. This is the ultimatum or be

rest assured that I, shall, destroy, you, with,




  1. Vampire Weather · October 9, 2011

    haha that last line is EPIC! “destroy you with chicken soup”…can’t say I have ever heard that in a sentence before now. Wonderful!

  2. contemplativemoorings · October 8, 2011

    Chickens are more dangerous than people think 🙂

  3. slpmartin · October 7, 2011

    Hope you win the battle soon. 😉

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