1. Of levitation

Floating trousers, dangling feet

Chuckling bouncers, Suspended heat

Fingertipping clouds, marshmallow breeze

Honey-dipped wind chills, courageous indeed

Hear my words, obey me, heed

From gravity, I, shall set, you free


2. Of tripping

Toes-slide and collide.

Kiss the floor, scrape your chin,

Let those tears fill your salty eye.


3. Of tickling

Feel the tickle, wiggle, wiggle;

Invisible fingers, tickle tickle.

I started writing spells, haha. 😀 I wonder how I’ve never done it before, having loved magic for so many years…anyway. Writing spells are fun, hehe, although I’m not very good at it yet. And I suck at rhyming.


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