Rant on it’s-too-late-to-drop-that-class-now.

Too late to drop that class.

I sat displaced in the bloated

classroom, the air fighting its way

into my nostrils, assuming its desperate

quest down to my timid lungs that were

shrunken with self-repression and deflated

by an unbearable awkwardness. My professor

is such an idiot. My retracted

muscles pulled closer to the depth of

my bones, wringing me dry, that diabolical

force—flailing relentlessly at the

panicking words in my throat, cries for help

and salvation, save me from all this frustration,

cries that were meant to be heard. He doesn’t even teach!

I was quarantined, made to exist in this nameless

dimension, my own designated area, suffering

alone in a pool of stale discussions and irresponsibility,

and I was lost in the intensity of their breaths,

their silence, some forty three other students

whose names I did not know and would probably

never know, and I was lost, in a morally

deformed labyrinth, compelled to tread on thorny roads,

followed by an abhorrent demon lord whipping

my bare back with that disgustingly innocent

smile of his. I was dying for an echo,

a resonance, a possible improvement, but I rued,

for reaping up what I sewed. For taking this

stupid class taught by an incompetent professor

who can’t even summarize an academic article

for the love of God and asks the most

utterly retarded questions ever which

totally ruins his status as a teacher at a

prestigious university. How did he get hired anyway?


End of poetic rant.

 This is my professor who assigns a bunch of hardcore reading to us and expects to come to class, having them all read, to discuss about them, while he walks around with zero teaching, zero input, and I am pretty sure he secretly blames the class for being dead if we, at times, do not talk as much as he wants. Oh come on. This is a UNIVERSITY class. And you dare call yourself a teacher.



One comment

  1. slpmartin · September 30, 2011

    Sorry about that class…sounds like it could be a long term. 😦

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