Paper Heart

I disintegrate your expressions:

your nonchalant eyes, your pupils that

shine, perpetually, with a crystallized,

inexplicable anger—and your

dignified nose, freefalling

past your thin lips, trembling and

crumbling, and finally, flakes of your

Caribbean beach-tanned skin, shafts of

light that nobody can fight.


You are a burning paper mache;

pieces of you, caught in the iridescent

flickers, fly reluctantly into the

centre of my hand, forming into a

sun-blanched axe, which I then hold,

my fingers turning white. I shall

penetrate you with your own defiance,

shatter your diamond armour that blinds

anyone who tries to be near. I shall

dive into your ribcage and seize that

chainlocked heart, send the arrows of my

flaming love through and through

and through until I reach that barren,

destitute chamber of secrets, secrets

hidden in the origami of your soul, where

truth is carefully tugged under the wings

of a flightless crane and hope is buried

deep inside the curves of a dying rose.


And ruthlessly, I look into your eyes and

seize your beating paper heart

and I take hold, I unfold.

 Omgomgomgomg it’s 9:41 and I still haven’t read Spencer yet $*@#&)$*#&$*)&@# I’M GONNA DIE and I just ate 9 golden oreo cookies dipped in milk which were yum–no. FAT. FAT IS WHAT THEY ARE. PURE FAT. With 4% iron…that’s as healthy as it goes. GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH.

Anyway. Sorry for ruining the mood. I haven’t been able to write poetry these days because of school…I wish I have more time 😦 if only we have 30-hour days. That will make my life so much easier. How did we decide on the 24 hour per day and 7 days per week thingy again? We should totally revolt and start a new calender. Ha!

And I want more of those cookies…darn it, Kim. Stop being a slave to your tummy. D:


One comment

  1. Vampire Weather · September 30, 2011

    wow. i love this imagery! So defiant, and yet loving. So mercilessly beautiful. A grand read indeed. So many excellent metaphors and lines to choose from. one of my favorites is

    truth is carefully tugged under the wings

    of a flightless crane and hope is buried

    deep inside the curves of a dying rose”

    well done!

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