Star Gazer

He fell in love with

a star gazer, a girl who lived by

constellations, shimmering

shapes from lightyears away,

her love far-reaching and

universal, lost in the glamours

of the brightest stars, across

Saturn’s belt. And he refused

to interrupt her stare, suspended

on the zenith of the world,

for his love, profound like a

boat’s anchor, would

only bring her down.


So he stood, and

gazed at his love, the lovely

star gazer, and wondered if,

in a million years,

the stars ever closed

their eyes and if they did,

would she turn around, and

find him standing, wordless

and waiting, behind her?



  1. vampireweather · September 13, 2011

    Stunningly beautiful. Love the celestial wording in this. Lovely work!

  2. aayeshaa · September 13, 2011


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