It’s Okay to Eat Fish

Yesterday, I saw an estranged fish

drowning in a plastic bag on the

cashier’s countertop. Its scales

glistened silver, and each of

its near-death flaps, random and

debilitating, bombarded my naked

mind. I stared at that dying

creature, my bones turned

to ice as it struggled for

dear life.


Around me, people watched,

snuck a glance or two and

chuckled at this comical scene: a

piece of seafood insufficiently killed,

soon to be put on a plate for dinner.


Its owner, rolling his eyes in

annoyance and embarrassment at this

ridiculous fish, slammed his fist

on its head, unblinking, several times before

the fish gave one


twitch and then stopped moving



And I suppressed my laughter and grew

horrified with humour as

the fish, now dead and food for certain,

lay silent

on the counter and I stood







its smashed bleeding skull


felt the






This is a true story of a near-death fish in a plastic bag…it’s still so clear in my mind right now; I doubt that I will ever forget it. I can’t bear watching an animal getting killed on the spot like that. I don’t like being anywhere near those meat/seafood sections. That’s why I scarcely eat meat, and I don’t like handling raw meat either. I just…arg. I hate it when people don’t have respect for life. But what can I do? That fish was sold to be eaten. People eat meat. I eat meat.

You know what, I think I want to be a vegetarian…


One comment

  1. slpmartin · September 6, 2011

    Not the kind of scene one wants to think about much…vivid imagery.

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