Back to School

I stare out of my dormroom window, the

corner of my eye flickers uneasily

over the ominous half egg sac

drooping down from the window pane, and I

shiver from the potential birth-spurts

of eight-legged nightmares.


They’re going to do it again tonight,

those eager freshmen, their ritualistic

consumption of alcohol and apocalyptic

partying. Scents of marijuana haunt

certain staircases, beside some forlorn

bushes and tickle my nose. Even now,

I can still feel the droning

party-chants, the soft relentless

vibrations tumbling forth in my eardrums,

and the stuffy night air bloated with

heat and insufficient circulation.


So August, the month of perpetual roaming,

crept away as yet another school year

insinuated itself back into my life,

sprouted skyward into existence upon

my earthy indifference. I anticipate,

as usual, trials of brutality

of papers and deadlines and

days marked by mechanical romances,

hardcore one-night-stands with final exams.

And I anticipate,

that tomorrow,

my freedom






  1. vampireweather · September 5, 2011

    Wow, the words are well crafted and so powerfully descriptive. Well done

  2. slpmartin · September 5, 2011

    If you had lived in my hometown…you would have looked forward to those nights and the pain of university…over the stale life offered by that town..cheers my friend it will end before you know it and you’ll wish you were back. 🙂

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