Lost again

Seized and terrorized by doubt again,

I bend down and hide in my stream

of consciousness, holding my thoughts

close to my chest, hugging them like a pillow,

seeking comfort from the unexpected

labyrinth of life where

I tread and drag my chained legs in

dread, trying to figure out what on Earth

I should do

with the multiple realities unfolding

before me, growing larger, becoming

a full-fledged organism, its membranes

writhing into demoniacal existence and I


to satisfy it with my

dwindling self-worth

and I



once more

by the choices I have to make

and I waver

in the face of

my uncertain future,

staring down at me like

God’s wrath

and so with no immediate solution I

resolve to this

poetic rant, an emergency exit

for my lost soul and a temporary


to life’s indecisions.


One comment

  1. slpmartin · September 3, 2011

    How well you capture those times of indecisions in this poem.

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