The world I used to know

Gradual realizations trickle

down my heartstrings, corrosive,

bereaving, and I collapse, enervated

from the growing stench of  rotten

bones, fetid clots of the mind and

the world’s insurrection.

Because things are different now.

My knees melt into earth as I

struggle to breathe in oxygen

through this thick stifling imposition of reality–

people leaving, transofrming, ceasing into

intangible shadows, fading from my knowledge,

beyond my reach. I lament over

their indiscriminate renunciations, their

powerless surrender, their youthful luminance

confiscated by the hands of humanity.

I watch

the sterilization of life

fields of imagination lost to the

sputtering ghosts; those venomous

thieves; life’s artifice.



  1. slpmartin · August 29, 2011

    The line “the sterilization of life” conveys so very much…well said.

  2. vampireweather · August 28, 2011

    Wow. This made me want to go write a poem. Such colorful adjectives and stunning word play. Well done

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