Your touch

light as a fairy’s ginger steps

waltzed across my forehead,

asking me for the last time

to forget the world.


But I couldn’t.

I can’t.


Explicity wasn’t

something we could afford,

and each time we met

in silence and in shadows,

we disappeared a little.


It was then you stared at me,

frightened, when I could no longer

read the blue enigma in your eyes—

when I resisted the anchor of our love

and yearned for freedom.


You stared at me, frightened,

shivering as you were caught

between two webs,

one of light and one of me

and inside you calculated

the two evils to see which one

was less.


It was then I realized that

I had inevitably lost you forever

in the fear of losing you forever.


And so you left me, in silence,

just as you had loved me, all this time,

without complaint.



  1. dantrewear · August 9, 2011

    enjoyed your clarity of expression, the subtly-expressed truth and the open heart of this. Will keep reading more…
    Peace, Dan

  2. slpmartin · August 9, 2011

    Love without commitment may not be love but a mere fancy for one….love the emotions expressed in these lines.

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