When Lucifer finally came

for me, I told him I

had no soul to give nor to offer and he

unseamed my body, searching desperately

for the lie and stepping back

with his monstrous claws clenched

when he failed. I laughed

at his childish look

of dismay and told him that I

had lost my soul long ago. It wasn’t stolen

it was just the way it was.

“Souls are precious commodities these days.”

I couldn’t agree more and he

asked me where I’d lost it.

“On earth,” I replied without thinking.

“And when?” so I pondered hard

in silence and

after a good long minute

I answered his question

with careful consideration:

When I was born. 



  1. Kim · July 30, 2011

    Thanks! 😀 I’m glad you liked it. ❤

  2. ayeshahashighhopes · July 30, 2011

    this is the most amazing thing i have ever read !! no exaggeration !!! good job!!

  3. Kim · July 28, 2011

    Thanks 😀 it started out as one sentence “I have no soul to offer”…and then it turned into this. 😛

  4. slpmartin · July 28, 2011

    A most interesting poem…really enjoyed the story.

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